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Frequently Asked Questions 

• What is the security deposit?
The security deposit constitutes the amount of a 1-day rent. This sum is paid back when you leave the apartment and return the keys.

• Is there a secure parking lot near the apartment?
There are secure parking lots not far from all our apartments. It is better to consider this question in advance so that we could suggest you the apartment with the parking lot located as close as possible.  

• What kind of documents you provide? Do I have the opportunity to account for an amount?
All our clients are provided with report documents according to RF legislation. In case of cash payment we deliver the bill (form 3-Г, confirmed by the Order No. 121, Ministry of Finance of RF, dated 13.12.93), receipt and petty cash receipt and engagement contract. If it is a bank transfer, the following documents are delivered: bill for services payment, report for provided services, invoice, engagement contract. On our quest request we provide the copies of registration documents of our company: "certificate of State registration", "the extract from Single State Register". That means that renting daily apartments at “KVARTIRKINO.RU” you receive absolutely the same set of report documents, just as if you stayed at the hotel.

• Is there a further increase in the amount of rent charge if I book the apartment now?
The apartment rent price remains fixed from the moment of booking confirmation.

• Can I have a look at the apartments on offer?
Yes, you can. You can either look at the photos on our site or ask somebody who you know to preliminary check the apartment.

• Is it possibile to rent an apartment to arrange a party?
We do not rent out apartments for any celebration organization.

• What documents are necessary to check in?
 Your passport.

• Can you meet me at the airport or railway station and how much it will cost?
Yes, certainly. Transfer from airport costs 500 roubles, from railway or bus station - 300 roubles. It is also possible to include the cost of the transfer into the cost of accomodation.

• Is the price indicated on your website final?
Yes, it is. Discounts are possible under certain conditions.

• Where and how can I get the keys as well as pay for rent of apartment?
Immediately when you check in.

• What about the commission fee?
There is no commission fee.

• Will there be any discounts if I use the services of «Kvartirkino.ru» next time again?
Definitely. When you use our services again, 10% off the price are granted for you.

• Can you arrange meals?
Yes, we provide it as an extra service.

• Are there any discounts in case of a long term stay?
You can learn more about the discounts here.

• I arrive in Rostov at 24:00, is it possible to move into the flat at such a late time?
«Kvartirkino.ru» accommodation service works daily 24 hours.

• Do you guarantee the correspondence of the website images of your apartments for daily rent to actual apartments?
Yes. These are the actual images true to life.

• I would like to hire a personal driver. Do you provide such a service?
It is possible, but preliminary arrangement is required.

• I am on my business trip and I need the internet. Are your apartments supplied with permanent internet connection?
If need be we provide CDMA modem (SKY-LINK) with the transmission speed of up to 2,4 Mb/s with  traffic prepaid. Details...

• What about the utilities expenses such as electricity, water and air-conditioner?
These expenses are included in the rent price.

• How can I find my flat?
The quickest and the most comfortable way is to use our transfer service. In this case you will be delivered from the place of your arrival directly to your apartment. You can also take a taxi as you will already know the exact address of your apartment. If case you have any difficulties in finding the apartment, please, call us, and we will help you find your apartment.

• What happens if my flight is delayed?
If your flight was delayed, please inform our support services. Our agent will either change the time of your transfer (if this service has been ordered) or will arrange your check-in at another time.

• Can I get the e-version of the contract and bank details?
Please contact us and get any information you are interested in.
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