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What is a “service apartment”?
            Service apartments first appeared in Europe in the middle of the 20th century. At that time there was a great shortage of middle-price hotels, and it is a common knowledge that “vacancy is a chance to take at first glance”.  Service apartments became very popular as a reasonable alternative to usual hotels for those tourists who wanted to save their money but not at the cost of their comfort. details...
Rostov. Service apartments or hotels? 

Sometimes there is an opinion that staying in service apartments is less comfortable than in  hotels, less secure and more troublesome. Besides, the flats listed for rent have nothing inside, are quite old and, probably, not always clean. The flats are not serviced in the way hotel rooms are, and all domestic problems have to be dealt with alone by the tenant. All this makes it necessary to pack everything when going for a trip: beginning with towels and finishing with a small iron, i.e. everything that you can find in any more or less good hotel. details...

Who are apartment hotels for?

The market of short-term service apartments for rent in Rostov can conditionally be divided into 3 segments. details...

Some peculiarities of a daily apartment rent

In any city including Rostov you can find a lot of offers for daily apartment rent. You can find it in the newspapers, in the Internet and just in a form of a small written advert stuck somewhere at the bus stop. This essay will help you determine what offers are worth of your attention and what offers are better be left and forgotten. There are 4 main groups of all offers for daily apartment rent... details...

Newly appeared hotel rivals...

The market of service apartments became civilized only in the beginning of 2000-ies. There appeared first professional operators and managing companies specializing in this sphere at that time. 2004-2005 was the time when this type of services developed at its most, when major part of soviet hotels were under reconstruction and the number of available rooms reduced. At the same time most of the service apartments had moderate price, offered good interior conditions, were equipped with a full set of home appliances and what is most important – ordinary hotel services were provided there.  details...

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