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Payment and discounts

The payment is 100 % of the sum total and is made directly at the time of check-in / moving into the apartment in case it is a cash payment. If it is a bank transfer the payment is made in advance considering the time needed for the money to be delivered to the company’s bank account. The charge paid for the rented apartment enables you to use it with all the facilities provided along with it for the whole term of renting. This price also includes maintenance fee such as bills for supplied utilities, etc. as well as room service. We do not work in cooperation with intermediator firms and do not charge commission fees because all apartments presented in our catalogue fully belong to our company – “KVARTIRKINO.RU”.

We have a flexible discount system which considerably saves your expenses and make your stay with us very beneficial for you:

• from 10 days – 10%
• from 20 days –  20%
• from 30 days – 30%
• for corporate customers – individual program.

Regular customer discount is 10%.

Discounts are not summarized.
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